This is another important aspect of our business. We are often called upon at the last minute when the client has booked a cheap part time DJ who turns out to be unreliable. If your DJ has let you down at the last minute and you are in the London or Surrey area, let London and Surrey DJ help you out of a sticky situation.

We have several DJs whom we work closely with and we could have a DJ with you as soon as possible, so that you have the least amount of disruption possible. We have had occasions in the past where the wedding DJs have let couples down at the last minute and don’t answer their phone. We send a DJ there, and nobody is aware that there had been a problem.

You will NOT pay a higher fee for this service.

Our equipment is all high end and can be set up in any time between 25 mins to 1hr depending on which system is used.
We are by far the best mobile DJ company in Surrey, London and Kent and our rates are very reasonable. We will also guarantee to have your dancefloor filled for you.